Wow: Who is part of the advice of the players? Thousands have advertised

A Community Council for World of Warcraft : Exactly this is the solution to the Blizzard officers to noticeably improve communication between developers and players and get more detailed feedback on all areas of WOW, from players, anywhere The world that owns a very different background and different interests.

E-mails for chosen

Blizzard introduces the WoW Community Council for better Feedback - Will it work?

Since November, interested parties can apply for the advice of the players, and apparently thousands of zeroth heroes have followed this reputation. According to Towhead, e-mails should now be out of the first confirmed council members. The news then says, for example:

Greetings! On behalf of the design and community teams of World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99) All I have officially invited you for the WOW community council for which you applied in November. We have received thousands of applications, and your stack out of the valuable perspective, which you can offer our new program. We hope that you announce our invitation and become part of the council.

Apparently, not all council members have not been informed about their successful application, further mails should expect in the coming days. Whether Mongol will be at the start?

Rights and obligations

Council members receive access to a new forum area, which can be viewed by all players. In this forum, Blizzard wants to query experiences and perspectives and obtain feedback on specific topics. In addition, there will be a private discussion platform in which the Council can affiliate and interact with each other. In addition, there should always be smaller talk rounds from council members and developers.

Whether all this will bring something in the end? Well, many Blizzard fans who have been disappointed in recent years and over and over again, do not trust the matter. We had that in our column is the reputation only ruined... Blizzard and the trust more specified. Maybe you will be surprised, and we are positively surprised.

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