Xbox Games with Gold: Die Gratis

The Xbox network, formerly Xbox Live, is an on-line multiplayer PC gaming as well as electronic media distribution solution developed as well as operated by Microsoft. It was initially made readily available to the Xbox system on November 15, 2002. An upgraded version of the solution appeared for the Xbox 360 console at the system's launch in November 2005, and a better improved variation was released in 2013 with the Xbox One. This same version is additionally utilized with Xbox Series X and Series S. This service is the account for Xbox gaming consoles, accounts can save games as well as various other web content. The solution was extended in 2007 on the Windows system, named Games for Windows-- Live, which makes most facets of the system available on Windows computers. Microsoft has actually introduced strategies to expand Live to other platforms such as handhelds and cellphones as part of the Live Anyplace effort. With Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, complete Xbox Live functionality is incorporated right into new Windows Phones that launched because late 2010. The service closed down for the initial Xbox on April 15, 2010, as well as initial Xbox Games are now only usable on-line via LAN (LAN) tunneling applications such as Link Kai. Xbox network solution is readily available as both a cost-free service (formerly understood as Xbox Live Free) and a subscription-based service called Xbox Live Gold. Microsoft rebranded Xbox Live as Xbox network in March 2021 to cover all of its solutions connected to Xbox and distinguish the Xbox Live Gold membership service from these various other services.

On the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, there are four free games every month thanks to Xbox Games With Gold. The titles for the following month will normally be announced in the last week. But now there was a leak again, and we already know what to expect.

These are the Xbox Live Gold Games in January 2022 according to Leak

The new leak comes again via the Deal abs User Billbil-kun. For months, the person on the French deal page publishes the lineups of various subscription services. So this time also at Xbox Games With Gold for January 2022:

Neurology (1st to 31 January) aground (16 January to 15 February) Radiant Silver gun (1 to 15 January) Space Invaders Infinity Gene (16th to 31st January)

Is the leak trustworthy? The Deal abs User Billbil-Kun is a safe source when it comes to all about gaming services and the coming lineups. For months, the user has been presenting a few days before the plus lineup, which then also considers themselves as well.

If your Shoot's EM UPS, then the coming month could be very happy. For the rest we introduce the one alternative title with another genre.


Genre : Survival-RPG

Xbox - January 2022 Games with Gold

That's why it's : Aground is a mix of RPG and survival crafting. You have to dig from the 2D view out of the world to collect more and more resources, build a real village on the surface and much more. At the beginning, your village is even less developed and then increases gradually in evolution. You have to do that too, because again and again opponents who have to defeat you with ever stronger weapons.

All information about Xbox Live Gold

All important facts and information about the subscription service Xbox Live Gold, we have listed in our overview for you, including prices, games and what advantages gold holds for you:

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What's on other services

The Xbox Game Pass is especially popular with players on the Xbox. For January there is no announcement or a leak, instead, there was recently the last update of the year with over 10 games. All titles of December 2021 are in our overview:

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Only yesterday there were rumors around the upcoming PS plus-lineup in January. Among them, Sony's service will give next month the Action RPG persona 5 strikers. The official announcement will take place only next week Wednesday, but here the source is very trusting.

What does your Lineup of Xbox Games with Gold say in January 2022?