DFB does not focus on header

The German Football Band (DFB) does not want to regulate the head ball match in children and adolescents as in other countries through prohibitions.

Rather, the association relies on light balls in the controversial topic and a few header repetitions per training. In addition, the most recently adopted game forms should ensure that the game takes place in the recent assets mainly on the ground.

Prohibitions are relatively little, we're trying reason and mind. We have created the basis for this to deal with the header, said DFB vice-president Ronny Zimmermann on Wednesday: Football matches without head balls will be in the older junior area just like the Never give adults. We are well advised to prepare children age-appropriate.

How In England head balls for children to twelve years are banned, the US is the limit at ten years. Background is concerned with head injuries and brain damage.

DFB team doctor Tim Meyer holds another way for better. We want to prepare children and adolescents meaningfully on the head ball match - with a reasonable technique and a reasonable musculature, said Meyer, I see in adult play no header ban come.