Star Wars: The Mandalorian: This bombastic lightsaber

What is often just as exciting as the finished product? Of course, all the content that can be painted on the way. Not in vain is a famous quote Kill Your Darling and favorite characters and committees of the director or the authors do not create it in the final version of the series or film.

This also applies to the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Because although the finished series could delight numerous Star Wars fans , of course, they did not make all potentially outstanding moments in the final publication. An example complacent? The upcoming style book at Second Season shows a truly epic lightsaber duel between two giants of the Star Wars Universe.

The missing duel: Din Darin against Luke Skywalker

The official Star Wars website recently published an interview with Phil Postal, who knows how Creative Art Manager of Lucasfilm knows well about working behind the scenes. The interview, however, not only illuminates Postal's work on the series, but also shows some exclusive pictures.

On one of them is Din Darin , so the Mandalorian the highest person with the dark sword in the hand to see. He opens someone who holds a blue glowing lightsaber in his hand. His face is not visible, but from the interview, however, is that it is the legendary Luke Skywalker — even if the course of course has a green lightsaber swing in the series.

The big secret about Luke Sky walkers appears


Actor Mark Hamill was not the only one who was honestly surprising about the appearance of the famous Jedi Knight in The Mandalorian . Because only a handful of people knew at all about it that Luke was returned to the Star Wars series.

Like Postal reveals in the interview, even in official artworks to the series Luke's character has always been painted so that he was not to be identified as a hatch. Another lights man color, a face hidden under the hood... The artists who knew knitted were all troubled to keep this info secret:

How to see in the book shows no work created, a clear illustration of Luke. And honestly, some artists were completely left in the dark until the episode was broadcast. It was only a very small group of us who knew this from the outset. Luke was never mentioned in the script.