The creator of DriveClub will announce a new game with which he assures getting away from the known

The holders of a PlayStation 4 since the first months of its launch will remember Drivel, a racing game halfway between arcade driving and the simulation that took out a very good graphic performance to Sony hardware and meant one of The first great exclusives of the console.

DRIVECLUB Dev Interview - Evolution Studios

Its director then, Paul Rustchynsky, was a member of Evolution Studios, and was also involved in other sagas of known racing, such as Motor storm Games or Abandoned Onrush. He is currently working on a new Liverpool team for Avalanche Studios, and has taken advantage of the beginning of a new year to advertise on Twitter that he is carrying out a new video game.

will not be a racing game EN 2021 We opened a new study in Liverpool, a very exciting time for me for achieving one of the goals of my career. EN 2022 We will announce the game in which we have been working throughout last year, says the first Toot, who then wanted to point out ensuring that there will be no sequel to the franchises with which he has previously worked, but something very different from what he has done until then, not even a game of racing

It will be necessary to wait, therefore, to know in the coming months what Rustchynsky and the new team of him have us prepared. We do not know if it is about any well-known IP of avalanche, which in recent years has launched Just Cause 4 and Rage 2, and is currently immersed in the development of Cont band for PC and Xbox, from which we still do not know Just nothing except the brief teaser of your ad and that you have no concrete launch window fixed.