New World Automobile Maintenance Simulan Announced. Collect parts from scraps and develop and send them to dangerous races

Publisher's PLAYWAY announced the end World Automobile Mechanic Simulation Game " Postapo Mechanic Simulator " that Image Power works on March 10. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and the delivery time is undecided.

"Postapo Mechanic Simulator" is a car mechanic sim that the end of the end of the end. In the world of this work in which civilization has collapsed for some reason, people are living in ruins, etc., and there is a dangerous race. The player will develop their race vehicles as a person who worked as a mechanic before the end of the world.

NITRO JUMP RACING Gameplay Walkthrough car for kids Part 2 In this work, we will do the designated contents specified for the customer's vehicle. For example, strengthening the wheel, replacing the engine, and installation of Nitro. Such goals seem to be presented randomly every time you play. However, in this world of resource, it can not be bought and pumped the necessary parts. Since there is no part shop, etc. in the first place, you get scrap vehicles and collect parts that are likely to be used.

In maintenance work, tools such as hammer, drill, grinder and welding machine are prepared. Although the work is simplified, for example, it is necessary to use appropriate tools because it is necessary to do it from the outside of the screw in the exchange of the wheel. Scrap vehicles are also patterns that will be disassembled with such tools to look for parts.

The parts obtained from the scrap car first check the state. It is because parts may not function in insufficient parts. In the trailer, it turns out that there is no pulley and welded and creates the combined parts. Thus, parts that do not have parts can be created themselves. For that purpose, it is likely to be able to collect all parts.

The race held in the world of this work is quite violent, with the enemy vehicle or hit the obstacle. Some parts that are installed have status such as durability and attack power, and in maintenance, such performance will also be considered. However, the most basic thing is to finish the car that can be completed properly. By getting the credit from the customer, the opportunity to get rare parts will increase.

"Postapo Mechanic Simulator" is developed for PC (STeam). Delivery time is undecided.