Steam: Elden Ring and Lost Ark broke everything in February

As every month, Valve unveiled the list of novelties that have met the most success on Steam. This palmares brings together the best new outings based on the turnover achieved during the first 2 weeks after launching. Valve delivering games in disorder, this ranking has been arranged by us according to the number of evaluations.

The month of January had already launched the year on Steam with titles like God of War and Monster Hunter Rise, but nothing of that was comparable with what was going to happen in February. Even valve is impressed: "It is difficult to exaggerate the size of the success of Lost Ark and Elden Ring on Steam in February. The impatience of the community for these two RPGs was at its height. They both have been At the height of the expectations of the millions of fans who, from the first day, have assaulted these worlds. They not only saw their number of players and players reach tops to become the most played news of 2022, but they also have Taken the 2ᵉ and 6ᵉ places from the greatest number of people at the same time on Steam of all times ", can we read in the online ticket.

More than a month after leaving, Lost Ark and Elden Ring have mostly confirmed their excellent launch and continue to make a spring day after day remaining constantly in the top 10 most played titles. Over the last 24 hours, the first gathered even more than 355,000 players simultaneously while the second continues to leave Pantois by performing a peak of 400,000 players at the same time. Never seen for a FromSoftware game, but probably also for any other game of this style, even if its very important community dimension prevents it from calling it as "solo game".

These two major successes would almost forget the other two important outings last month, namely Dying Light 2: Stay Human and Total War: Warhammer III, with a special mention for the game of Techland which will not have suffered from its many Delays and showed that he was supported by a community as wide as faithful. In a plus niche register, we also see positive in the reception reserved for The King of Fighters XV, which still shows the right place fighting games on the valve platform.

The best releases of February 2022 on Steam

This ranking brings together the novelties of January who made the best turnover in the first two weeks after their release. The order was arranged by us according to the number of evaluations. The ranking is certainly biased by the games that have accumulated evaluations for a long time in anticipated access, but it nevertheless reflects the popularity of each game.

Elden Ring \ - Bandai Namco | 297 569 Reviews (88% positive) LOST ARK \ - Amazon Games | 147 454 Ratings (74% positive) Dying Light 2 Stay Human \ - Techland | 67 401 Reviews (79% positive) Total War: Warhammer III \ - Sega | 27 427 Reviews (60% positive) Home Behind 2 \ - TPP Studio | 5 104 Ratings (87% positive)

The King of Fighters XV \ - SNK | 2,608 Reviews (85% positive) Diplomacy is not an option \ - door 407 | 2,049 Ratings (87% positive) FINAL FANTASY VI \ - Square Enix | 1,121 Reviews (86% positive) LongVinter \ - Uuvana Studios | 848 evaluations (70% positive) Life is Strange Remastered \ - Square Enix | 769 evaluations (60% positive) Martha Is Dead \ - Wired Productions | 763 evaluations (80% positive)

Elden Ring PC System Requirements Posted and Removed From STEAM + Insane Lost Ark Stats Nebulous: Fleet Command \ - Eridanus Industries | 678 Ratings (95% positive) Model Builder \ - Green Man Gaming | 623 Ratings (78% positive) Tiny Combat Arena \ - Microprose Software | 622 Ratings (90% positive) infnterax \ - The Arcade Crew | 572 Reviews (92% positive) OLLIOLLI WORLD \ - Private Division | 341 Ratings (96% positive) GRID LEGENDS \ - Electronic Arts | 261 Ratings (76% positive) Monark \ - Nis America | 74 Ratings (86% positive)