After PS5 usury: Now the PS4 has caught you

10 Games With Insane Graphics That FLOPPED The PS5 is currently hardly available and is resold by scalpers at horrendous prices. But not only Sony's next-gen console is just really expensive-the old PS4 is also increasing in price.

new PS4 consoles cost a wealth

If you are looking for a new PS5, you either have to bring a damn lot of time and patience or bite the sour apple instead and buy it for 800 euros on eBay from a scalper - because the Sony is still Except console everywhere.

Anyone who now thinks about getting a PS4 for the transition period will experience a nasty surprise . Because even the 9 -year -old console is currently being sold at moon prices - at least if you want to get a new console.

A SLIM variant of the PS4 with 500 GB of storage space on Amazon currently costs 479.00 euros. For comparison: At the end of 2019, the same model was traded for 180-200 euros. It gets even more expensive if you start looking for the Pro model of the PS4. The cheapest offer is currently a bundle with FIFA 21 on Ebay. Cost: 888.00 euros . So the bottom line is even more expensive than the PS5. Shortly before the next-gena launch, the bundle was available for around 360 euros.

_ How faster is the PS5 actually compared to the PS4 Pro? We checked it - and the result surprised: _

What about the used market?

The reason for the increasing prices of PlayStation 4 is obvious: Sony has officially not yet fully set the production of the Last Gen Console, but it is probably probably down so far, that new PS4 consoles have also become a real rarity are (source: giga).

But what about the used market? Do you get to a second-hand PS4 on Ebay? Fortunately, one or the other bargains can be made. At first glance, we were able to spot various advertisements, in which, among other things, the PS4 Pro was offered for 230-270 euros (source: eBay). A real deal compared to the prices of the new goods.

The PS4 Slim can also be found on Ebay at quite moderate prices. ** Here the prices start at around 160 euros, but then mostly without a controller (source: eBay).

The fact is: Many players will probably still stick to their load gene console as long as they do not yet have the opportunity to switch to the PS5. However, if the console crisis comes to an end at some point, it can be assumed that even more players want to silver their old consoles on the used market, What should press the sales price again . Until then, however, many months will probably go away.