Battlefield 2042 announces important changes before update

A new battlefield 2042_ The update will be launched tomorrow through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and comes with a quite important change that apparently tells you everything you need to know about the state Current of battle cups 2042._ The latest battle _do the game came out through the door due to several performance problems, lack of content and a metric ton of errors, and never recovered. Thanks to Steam, we know that many are not playing the game of shooting in the first person of 2021 on the PC, but it is not so clear if someone on the console is playing. And, of course, there are many playing, but clearly not enough. The pairing takes a long time and the lobbies are full of bots, so perhaps it should not surprise that the 128 players Breakthrough mode is eliminated from the game. In the future, the number of players will be 64.

Battlefield 2042 Just Got A NEW UPDATE...

Of course, he says and EA does not attribute the change to the fact that the game's base is small and decreases, but fans who responded to the news confirmed that they never enter the complete lobbies of 128 players playing mode. So what do EA say and say that he is inspiring the change? Well, it is apparently a design decision.

«In this update, we are making several updates to the rotations of All-Out Warfare. Our main change is the elimination of the version of 128 Breakthrough players, ”he says about the change. «When reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we feel that the modes of 128 players are more suitable for Conquest, where the game spaces are larger and where you have a more natural adjustment for the Sandbox game. In the mode of 128 breakthrough players, I feel that the value and impact of an individual player and the squad are reduced due to the greater intensity and chaos of combat. When checking Breakthrough, we noticed that the 64 players version represented a more tactical experience. Reducing our number of players here helps to eliminate some of the chaos of the experience, and in combination with the reductions that we have made in the amount of combat vehicles available, it means that players can keep the front lines more effectively. The players will also find more space to work together and fulfill their individual roles as a result, the squadrons in breakthrough 64 have a better opportunity to work together, flank the enemy, place a generation beacon, use their plus menu to attach support EsSors, then Delete and keep a point: a squad helping to change the course as an example. We believe that the change to 64 players will bring back the rhythm that helps to celebrate these moments of teamwork and PTFO, and we will be attentive to how our changes help improve the experience before the beginning of season 1 ».

As mentioned, this change is not yet active and it will not be until the update is activated tomorrow on all platforms. It remains to be seen what are the file sizes, but we have tél patch notes.