How to solve a puzzle with a Geogranum lamp next to the domain of the wayward path to Genshin Impact

The domain of the wayward path is between Mount Tianhan and the Lingju Pass in Liue. In front of him you will find two gelamps that you can activate by placing a geogran in them. Read on to find out where to find a geogran in this area to solve a puzzle and get an exquisite chest.

To find a riddle, just go to the domain of the wayward path, but do not go inside. Geo-lamps are located right in front of the entrance to the domain. Do not forget to take a character with you, who can apply a geo-abdominal or own a brand, for example, Noel or Zhunly.


Где найти Геограну рядом с доменом своенравного пути в Genshin Impact

To solve a puzzle, you need to light two Geo lamps using Geograna. They are hidden inside the beating boulders near each lamp. Use elementary vision to facilitate the search for boulders. You can easily notice the boulder next to the left geo-lamp. Meanwhile, the boulder to the right of GEO LAMP is hidden behind neighboring stones.

Attack boulders with a stigma or Geo Damage to open one Geographranum inside each. Go to the geogranum to encourage him to swim around you. After, come closer to the geolamp pass the geogranum. As soon as both GEO LAMP lamps are filled with Geograna, the puzzle will be solved, and an exquisite chest will appear as a reward.

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