Cheonae Myeongwoldo M, early cruise.

Mobile MMORPG 'Cheonae Myeongwoldo' is cruising early.

'Cheonae Myeongwoldo M', which was released on the 24th, started at 41st in Korea's Google Play sales and rose to 23rd. The most popular ranking was third and first in the Google Play and App Store, respectively.

Soul Cheonae Myeongwoldo M is a mobile MMORPG developed based on PC online game Cheonae Myeongwoldo IP (Intellectual Property). Developed by Tencent's Aurora Studio and Level Infinite was in charge of service.

Cheon Ae Myung-wol is also a thorough localization in the steady rise in sales of M. He used more than 20 domestic translators and four Chinese researchers in Yonsei University. Last month, veteran translator Lee Deok-ok's interview video was released. Lee Deok-ok, a translator, is a fan of the original novel, Go-ryong and has a history of translating martial arts novels for 50 years.

In addition, the domestic luxurious lineup was further boosted. Seoyo (player male), Yoon Eun-seo (player female), Kim Ye-rim (player girl), Shim Kyu-hyuk (Hosobo), Yoon Ah-young (Annan) This was a total.

MMORPG fans also responded to the high quality localization news. Earlier, Cheonae Myeongwoldo M has proved its expectations by achieving 1 million pre-bookers, 1 million TVC views, and 40,000 Kakao channel friends. Level Infinite plans to hold an event that offers about 1 billion won worth of products to reward these supports by September.

In addition, on July 1, Kakao Friends' popular characters are also scheduled to appear in the game.

An official of Cheon Ae Myung-do M said, The goal is to achieve remarkable results with MMORPG in Korea.