PH2P: Hydrogen vehicle from Lower Bavaria

In 2035 it is said to bid farewell to the combustion engine. As is recognized, the EU wants it. This impacts vehicles on the one hand as well as light business vehicles on the various other. According to the European Environment Agency figures, the latter caused practically 40 percent of traffic-related emissions in the EU in 2019, but never alone, yet with each other with the thicker hefty concern. The instructions of travel is as a result clear: Brummis likewise have to move in the direction of environment neutrality.

electrical energy rather of fuel

So electricity rather than fuel? It can resemble that. Suppliers such as Volvo Trucks, Scania, DAF or Mercedes have actually currently presented battery-electric vehicles. Their definition is not undeniable, especially with regard to the required huge and heavy batteries, the weight of which not the very least decreases the haul.

sustainable power resource

Therefore you have started to establish a modest hydrogen truck. It is called PH2P (Paul Hydrogen Power Truck), has a 16-ton framework as well as an overall train weight of 24 loads as well as ought to increase to 500 kilometers with a 30-kilogram tank filling, yet are expected without trailers. The electric motor of the hydrogen vehicle creates 120 kW/163 hp, the peak result is 300 kW/408 hp, a maximum rate of 85 km/h is gotten to.

Many experts see even more opportunities in a various type of electrical drive with fuel cell. The supporter Paul from the Lower Bavarian Vilshofen is additionally one of the fans. Incorporated with a fuel cell, hydrogen is an extremely encouraging strategy to reduce CO2 and great dust exhausts in the transport sector, states Taking care of Director Bernhard Wasner. In hydrogen (H2) you can see the energy resource of the future in truck web traffic.

fuel cell from Toyota

The fuel cell contributes Toyota, the Japanese manufacturer is known to have thorough hydrogen proficiency. The collection manufacturing of the PH2P, it is said in 2023.

Combined with a fuel cell, hydrogen is an exceptionally encouraging strategy to lower Carbon dioxide and also fine dirt emissions in the transport field, states Handling Supervisor Bernhard Wasner. It is called PH2P (Paul Hydrogen Power Truck), has an overall train and a 16-ton chassis weight of 24 bunches as well as ought to go up to 500 kilometers with a 30-kilogram container filling, yet are anticipated without trailers. With each other you desire to develop a local, scalable worth chain from environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing to the production of the hydrogen cars. And for 2026 a big wheelchair hub is intended near Pocking, not only with hydrogen offer, but additionally with fast billing options for battery-electric lorries.

With each other you desire to create a regional, scalable value chain from eco-friendly hydrogen production to the manufacturing of the hydrogen lorries. As well as for 2026 a big wheelchair hub is prepared near Pocking, not just with hydrogen deal, yet also with fast charging choices for battery-electric automobiles.