[Game National Assembly] Lee Sang -heon, a member of the game, classification of game grade, requiring a convincing procedure

Representative Lee Pantheon disclosed some rating reclassification data received from the game water management Committee while inquiring directly with the game water management Committee in connection with the recent controversy over the recent reinforcement of the game water management Committee.

According to the response submitted by lawmaker Lee Pantheon on the 12th of the day before the national affairs, the number of complaints related to this incident was △ 14,628 Blue Archives, △ ensemble Stars 2,829 cases, △ Mongol Ark 888, △ Fate Grand Order 393, △ 98 white nights, 61 carnivals, and 21 girl fronts.

The Blue Archive, which is at the center of the controversy, was confirmed that the complaint was first received in October 2021. However, the game water management Committee did not confirm the sensational part of the time. Later, in the process of handling additional complaints in August 2022, the selection part was identified and reclassified.

In addition, the game water management Committee also disclosed the data that the game water management Committee was ex officio for the four games of Fate/Grand Order, Girl Front, Mongol Ark, and White Night. According to the data, not only Blue Archive but also Fate/Grand Order and Girl Front were reinforced with both Google Play and App Store to be unable to use youth. Jong-il's stock was reclassified as a 12-year-old user, and the white-night gang was applied to the 15-year-old user. All the games were determined to be reclassified due to sensationalism.

Representative Lee Pantheon revealed his response and pointed out that the game management committee's clinic review was controversial. Although the voice of disclosing the minutes of the meeting has continued for many years, the game water management Committee has not yet disclosed the minutes of the deliberation. In fact, the 32nd game water management Committee (follow-up) meeting submitted by the game water management Committee in relation to this situation in the National Audit, the number of investigations for post-management, the number of cases of the 14th subcommittee, and the agenda. It was reported only and the result of the reference and researcher reporting.

Representative Lee Pantheon also pointed out the actual deliberation process. According to the analysis of the minutes of the Game Management Committee in Lee Pantheon, a total of 3,828 games have been presented to the committee for the past three years. However, only 227 cases were made during the deliberation process. Most of the committee members are only according to the researcher's review.

Representative Lee Pantheon said, The contents of the complaint were diverse, but the same was true in that all complaints were not convinced of a series of classification processes such as screening criteria and follow-up methods. The transparent classification procedure seems to be needed.

In addition, lawmaker Lee Pantheon revealed additional answers to the game water management Committee. The following is the full text of the game water management Committee.

Q. What is the position of the game water management Committee on the point that the committee had a passive administration and deceptive response to the complaint?

= The committee has recently received thousands of repetitive and duplicate complaints a day and posted a notice on the committee website. It is known that some complaints have pointed out that it is a passive administration or a deceptive response.

The notice informed that it fully understood the purpose of the complaints raised by many complaints, and guided not only this complaint, but also to seek cooperation for smooth work processing such as processing of other complaints. We are found to have shared this through, and let you know that we withdrew the notice the next day.

Q. What is the position on the point that the committee responded inappropriate in the recent application of complaints, such as the notification of the crime of work.

The committee is trying to respond faithfully to the response manual for the complaints. However, we will try not to recur the future for some inadequate or insufficient contents in the process of responding to numerous complaints in the short term.

Q. What is the position of the game water management Committee on the point that Blue Archive's complaints have been too late

= In the case of the first complaint received in October 2021, the image of the exposure was confirmed through advertising video for the purpose of public relations, but it was judged that the sensationalism was not excessive. Based on the additional monitoring, we confirmed the selection of the game and decided to divide the rating of the game.

Q. What is the position of the game water management Committee on the recent demand for rating and withdrawal of rating adjustment

= The Korean Committee is currently conducting a classification process and classification process for five types of Blue Archive, Mongol Ark, White Night Wang, Girl Front, and Fate/Grand Order. A business owner who has been notified of the grade adjustment or the classification of the authority can call for the opinion, and the change will be decided by the committee meeting. The committee will fully review the opinions of the operator and make efforts to provide appropriate grades in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, the ensemble Stars! The game is currently being monitored by the committee, and related measures will be held according to the review results. The committee will try to ensure that the game is provided to the user as an appropriate grade.

Q. What is the position of the game water management Committee on the request to disclose the minutes of the deliberation?

The committee's release of the deliberation of the committee must be resolved by the committee, and according to the results of the committee's resolution, it will decide whether to disclose it.

Q. Despite international use, what is the position of the game water management Committee on the point that the classification criteria are very different from overseas

The Korean Committee determines the detailed standards in accordance with Article 21 (7) of the Game Industry Act and Article 8 (2) of the Enforcement Regulations of the same Act.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Council for Classification of Committee, we have a principle that we need to respect Korea's social myths and meet our social myths in order to ensure objectivity and rationality. The same is true for other countries, and the deliberation criteria are strict or generous depending on the special environment of each country.

In Japan, Blue Archive games are being serviced as '7-year-old', and the Japanese-class classification agency HERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) tends to be strictly compared to Korea in crime and violence expressions. It exists.

In addition, the Korean Committee is a major country in the world where the classification is considered for the establishment of classification standards that are considering the between countries and specialty, but in line with international standards (US, Europe, Germany, Australia, Brazil, etc. I am joining the International Grade Classification Union (ARC).

Q. What is the position of the game water management Committee on the point that the constructing of the deliberation committee is less than other institutions such as the Yeongdeung Committee

According to the law, the committee has a classification meeting by constructing members of each field (9 people) as experts in each field. The reason for letting the commissioners is to form a member as an expert in each field is to determine the classification of universal and valid game grade classification. In addition, there are members who have expertise such as cultural industry and information and communication.

Classification criteria are based on the law, according to the law, according to seven criteria (violence, selection, meandering, fear, crime, drug, language), depending on the degree of realistic expressions (total use, 12-year-old, 15-year-old use, and youth) It is classified. In addition, the classification criteria are clarified based on the classification of the game water management Committee.

In addition, we have continued to improve the classification regulations by obtaining private external expert advice to secure the city's category in accordance with technology development and changes in the times.

Q. What is the position and future plans of the game water management Committee on this controversy?

= 'Blue Arrive', 'Mongol Ark', 'White Night Wang', 'Girl Front', and 'Fate/Grand Order' are the games that were monitored through complaints. As a result of the committee's monitoring, it was necessary to change the grade when comprehensively reviewed the degree of costumes/exposure, frequency, suggestion of sexual activity, and response from user manipulation.