Overwatch 2 suffers from another attack and errors in the selection of characters

Blizzard has confirmed again directed attacks in Overwatch 2 After a launch that has dragged several of them since last week. In this case, interruptions have been produced within Battle.net servers, and have taken the opportunity to announce the withdrawal of two characters to solve problems.

Although they report that at the moment this problem has been solved and that the attacks they were monitoring have ended, this inconvenience caused failures at the login for Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty users: Modern Warfare, who had to wait for long lines to Being able to start playing, the same tonic that has been proven at the Matchmaking of the hero shooter since its launch. Blizzard herself, minutes before announcing the end of the attack, recognized and published it on social networks to warn high latency and disconnections for some players.

Regarding the two characters, this news comes from yesterday, Blizzard announced that both Bastion and Torsion (both tanks) would make a fast trip to the workshop so that the team fixes a few errors in their skills kits. The first cannot be used in any of the game modes for a while, while the second can be embodied during fast games, although not in qualifiers. Following these changes, several users reported that another 12 heroes could not be selected by mistake: Kirk (the new support character that was presented during the TGS), Doom fist, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, Echo, Ma, Shadow, Symmetry, Torsion, Kenyatta, Baptiste and Brigitte.

Although some users confirm that they can already access all of them, Blizzard confirms to be addressing this new error caused by a problem with the servers that track the progression of the players, and are already trying to solve it.

Overwatch Here I leave you the last podcast Reload, in which Java Román accompanies us to comment on everything that has been this Overwatches 2, while we address the controversy of The same game 2, the problems on his servers and everything he has brought For your community, the discrimination demand received by the company last year. If you do not reproduce at the right time, you can put it at 1:57:44 to go directly to this topic.