Regardless of the solid spirits after 0: 3: German U 17 sheds bronze

The video game in Navi Mumbai began in the 4th minute with the meant 1-0 by Marie Steiner, which was withdrawn after Var assault as a result of nasty. Rather, Team Jake (20th) racked up nearly like out of nowhere. After the break, the next neck strokes followed: Amina Hello (48th) and Edition ETIM (63.) boosted to 3-0 for Nigeria.

72 The DFB juniors showed morality as well as made up for the three-goal shortage in the final phase. Ella Vat (72nd), Paulina Bart (85th) and also Doreen Bender (90. +1) satisfied as well as saved the group of DFB trainer Frederik Romp right into the penalty shootout. In this Germany shed 2: 3. Vat and also Mathilde Jansen transformed from Bart, Paulina Planner and Doreen Bender, while 3 out of four Nigerians met.