Start of distribution of puzzle ADV C.A.R.L.L. inspired by Cave Story -Exploring the vast factory and revealing hidden secrets

Morningstar Game Studio and Andrew Ready have started distribution of 2D puzzle adventure C.R.R.L. for PC (Steam)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Overseas PS4/Nintendo Switch.

This work is inspired by works such as Cave Story and Jazz Jackrabbit. The player will be the main character's robot C.A.R.L., and will collect Tech Units for friends while searching and solving a mystery in a vast factory where various devices awaits, and will reveal the secrets hidden in the facility. 。

There are various characters in the factory, and the content and secrets of the factory will be revealed through interaction with them and quests. In addition, it seems that the hero's ability will be upgraded as the story progresses. The development staff has been working on games such as Draw a stick man: epic, Battle pillars, and A Robot Named Fight!

C.A.R.L. is being distributed for PC (Steam)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Overseas PS4/Nintendo Switch.