Best Aquatic Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Generation IX was very friendly to water types. Not only did this type receive a bunch of new Pokémon, he also received several new movements with incredibly powerful capabilities. These movements can do everything: from increasing speed and simultaneous damage to a significant increase in speed, special attack and attack. While some defensive water types lost some tools, namely Scald, the type as a whole received several huge offensive forces.

What types of water are best used in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

10 tape

It is hard to imagine that this Pokémon has become a protective wall that it was once. Tape not only lost Scald, but also received PP on Recover. At the same time, he can still protect some powerful threats, such as combat and ice types that do not receive access to Freeze Dry.

9 Gas tron

This is another protective water type that has lost Scald (as well as Toxic). The good news for Mastodon is that he gained access to Stealth Rocks. Herbal types are the only Pokémon that can hit Mastodon, causing super-efficient damage. Otherwise, Mastodon has enough HP to survive any threat.

8 Venus

According to statistics, this Pokémon is very mediocre. Nevertheless, Eliza has enormous opportunities thanks to Fillet Away. This technique gives Velez an increase in the blow of shells (+2 to speed, special attack and attack) due to half of health. With Citrus Berry or in another way to maintain health, Eliza can become one of the worst threats in the game.


7 Condos

All that can really be said about Condos is good luck in receiving a knockout. With 150 basic HP and 115 basic protection indicators, he will receive a lot of damage before London really falls. He can even ignore super-efficient blows, and the curse can further increase his protection.

6 Slope

Despite the fact that Slow bro is not as bulky as Toronto, it has more flexibility. While Toronto can only drive the opponents with a wall, the slope can be more aggressive using Calm Mind. Slow bro also receives many techniques, including flamethrower, a psychic, a ball of shadows and an ice beam.

5 Kl oyster

In addition to a huge protective indicator, Kl oyster still plays its usual role as a strong Shell Smash. As soon as he increases his attack, special attack and speed, Kl oyster will be able to take care of all the dragons of the late game in the Pale region.

4 Iron not

The impossible happened: Deli bird became suitable for use! This mechanical version of the bird of the generation II has a great speed and a special attack, which allows it to kill ICE Beam and Hydro Pump Pokémon to the left.

3 Barracuda

This is the best Swift Swim Swim Swim Machine. However, even outside the rain, Barracuda is still incredibly fast. He can even surpass the speed of many new Paradox Pokémon. Barracuda can also use a number of techniques, including Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Psychic Fangs, Crunch and Close Combat.

2 jackal

All Equally users were probably glad to see that his last evolution studies a movement that increases speed, and also causes damage. After the dance of the swords, it is really difficult to stop the quackwaval from sweeping. Its hidden ability is also Roxy, which enhances the attack after receiving a knockout.

1 Plain

Although it usually does not look threatening, the paladin becomes a beast as soon as it turns off. In the form of the hero of the Paladin, he receives colossal 160 basic characteristics of the attack. What is even worse, he gets access to Jet Punch, which is essentially a stronger Aqua Jet (both priority movements of the Water type). Even a spray talks about the prohibition of Paladins in a competitive game.

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