Fire Emblem Engage New Gameplay reveals the secret of the emblem

Yesterday, two brand name new characters, who will enrich the Fire Emblem Engage, which will be launched on January 20, was again concentrated on old acquaintances.

A new, five-minute gameplay trailer comes to the fore March, Sigurd, Celia and other heroes from earlier games of the method series. The characters from the past celebrate their resurgence in Fire Emblem Engage, if not in their physical form. Rather, they are conjured up with the assistance of mystical rings and wait the fighters of the present as spirits.

Fire Emblem Engage: The brachial strength of the symbols

If you assault your opponents with equipped emblem characters, you have special skills that increase your damage or bring useful effects. You can likewise participate in an alliance with the heroic souls, which means that particularly powerful weapons and ruthless alliance attacks are offered.

The reality that the emblem characters are the secret stars of Fire Emblem Engage not only proves the name of the video game, however also the gameplay: As the trailer displays, the best heroes select victory and defeat.

An alliance with Sigurd, who was emblem from Fe Holy, permits you, for example, higher movement on the battleground, while a connection to Celia, the emblem of Fe Echoes, guarantees that you can split your attacks into two different opponents. It is also practical that not only your protagonist with the two-tone hairstyle can enter into alliances, but likewise all other of your systems.

emblem characters as far as the eye can see

In addition to the widely known characters, the gameplay trailer likewise offers a take a look at a few of the brand-new faces that await you in Fire Emblem Engage. From January 20, you can attempt out what exciting combinations you form from your new units and old emblem characters when Fire Emblem Engage appears exclusively for the Nintendo Change.


Sigurd and Celia are of course not the only two heroes who hurry from past games in Fire Emblem Engage to assist. With Corrie you get support from Fe Fates, for example, and with Wyeth the lead character from Fe 3 Houses gallops on the battlefield of Engage.