Sorare - Exactly how to play Sorare's Global Mug '22.

The Global Mug '22 is a free enterprise for all gamers to participate in, and you can also develop an organization to test your companions.

With only usual cards being made use of, Solar's Worldwide Cup '22 is open to all with no buying or marketing.

The World Cup is nearly below, as well as Solar has disclosed a brand-new event readied to start together with proceedings in Qatar.

Exactly how to play

The very first actions are like any fantasy football, except you must construct a squad of eight players that will be completing at the Globe Mug.

You have a budget of 100 points as well as should pick the following:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 2 Defenders
  • 2 Midfielders
  • 2 Forwards

Each match day you will need to select 5 players for your schedule, and also this have to consist of one gamer of each setting, plus an extra outfield gamer.

Your team may contain no even more than two players from each country.

Expand your roster

You have three possibilities to bolster your squad with new cards in between each KO round.

The days for development are:

  • Prior to the Last 16: Tuesday, 29 November-Saturday, 3 December
  • Prior to the Quarter-Finals: Saturday, 3 December-Friday, 9 December
  • Before the Semi-Finals: Friday, 9 December 9-- Sunday, 13 December

Managers might additionally broaden their squads by gaining prizes from match days.

Worldwide Cup '22 Match day Schedule

There are 7 match days to complete in throughout the Global Cup '22.

The dates for the Match days are:

  • Match day 1: Sunday, 20 November-Thursday, 24 November
  • Match day 2: Friday, 25 November-Monday, 28 November
  • Match day 3: Tuesday, 29 November-Friday, 2 December
  • Match day 4: Saturday, 3 December-Tuesday, 6 December
  • Match day 5: Friday, 9 December-Monday, 12 December
  • Match day 6: Tuesday, 13 December-Thursday, 15 December

How Match day 7: Saturday, 17 December-Monday, 19 December

Global Mug '22 Prizes

There are a lot of great rewards to win in the Solar Global Cup '22, including an unbelievable opportunity to fulfill Zinedine Zidane.

There are likewise once a week benefits of Limited Cards, Ethereum, as well as National Series cards.

The general rewards include the experience with Zidane, more Ethereum, VIP Tickets, as well as also an authorized jersey.

Can I maintain the cards?

Nonetheless, any type of products you win throughout the competition will transform to the club card if they have the license.

If you gain Lionel Messi throughout the competition, his Worldwide Mug card will convert to his PSG Common card.

From your initial choice, no, you will not be able to maintain the cards you picked in your team.

If no card exists for that gamer, a gamer of a similar position and point-scoring history will be designated to your club.