FIFA 23 FUT Season 3 - Winter Wildcards Kick

The exciting new FIFA 23 FUT Season 3 is just around the corner and Winter Wildcards are set to kick off! Find out what rewards you can expect this season, how to get your hands on some of the hottest promos, and more in this article!

Season 3 is set to start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, taking over from the World Cup-themed Season 2.

We know which promotion event is coming initially, and it brings with it another new Swaps campaign to delight in!

Discover all you require to learn about Season 3 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team listed below.

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Season 3 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Group will begin on Thursday, 22 December.


The new season will go reside in FUT at 3am ET/ 8am GMT, bringing with it a host of new content that will be readily available for around 6-8 weeks.

Release Date

Story Gamer Picks

Season 3 ought to see the LVL 30 players reach 88 OR, while the LVL 15 alternatives ought to be 85 OR.

The LVL 15 gamers are often selected from the Redivide, MLS, Lisa NOS, or the EFL Championship, and we don't expect that to change in Season 3.

Story Player Picks are a staple of each brand-new FUT season, and EA reverted to old methods with big league gamers readily available at LVL 30!

Leandro Parades, Andre Silva, and Leander Dendoncker all received 87 OR products made readily available in the LVL 30 Story Gamer Pick.


As always, the brand-new season will offer a lot of benefits including packs, tights, badges, and other consumables.

For instance, the complete benefits list in Season 2 of FUT 23 was as follows:

Promo Events

Things will start with Winter Wildcards promotion which will likewise consist of another Winter Wildcards Swaps project comparable to last year.

We likewise understand that a new event called FUT Centurions is set to get here, although little is called to what the theme of the occasion could be.

Season 3 could be rounded off by the Group of the Year promo too, and that is constantly an enormous event in the FUT calendar.

Thanks to numerous leaks, we have a good concept of what promo events are concerning FUT 23 in Season 3.

  • LVL 19-1 x Team Tight Pick
  • LVL 20-1 x Premium Gold Players Load
  • LVL 21-1 x Team Tight Choose
  • LVL 22-1 x Group Tight Select
  • LVL 23-1 x Mega Pack
  • LVL 24-1 x Prime Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 25-1 x Team Tight Pick
  • LVL 26-1 x Group Tight Choose
  • LVL 27-1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Load
  • LVL 28-1 x Unusual Mega Load
  • LVL 29-1 x Jumbo Rare Players Load
  • LVL 30-1 x 87 OR Story Gamer Select

  • LVL 1-1 x Five World Cup Players Pack

  • LVL 2-1 x Gold Rare Chemistry Choose/ Position Modifier
  • LVL 3-1 x Little Gold Gamers Pack
  • LVL 4-1 x Group Tight Select
  • LVL 5-1 x World Cup Swap Token
  • LVL 6-1 x Group Tight Select
  • LVL 7-1 x Jumbo Gold Load
  • LVL 8-1 x Team Tight Pick
  • LVL 9-1 x Gold Players Pack
  • LVL 10-1 x Arena Background
  • LVL 11-1 x Group Tight Select
  • LVL 12-1 x Group Tight Pick
  • LVL 13-1 x 3 80+ World Cup Players Pack
  • LVL 14-1 x Little Prime Gold Gamers Pack
  • LVL 15-1 x 84 OR Story Player Choose
  • LVL 16-1 x Team Tight Choose
  • LVL 17-1 x Rare Gold Pack
  • LVL 18-1 x World Cup Swap Token