Hellboy Web Of Wyrd Roguelike-Action in Comic

Great Shepherd Home entertainment presents the Rogue lite Action Adventure Bellboy Web of Word.


Established by Upstream Game, an initial story is informed that is executed in partnership with Dark Horse Comics and Creator Mike Magnolia. In the monstrous combating game, gamers need to combine hard close and varied attacks to fight a variety of increasingly nightmarish enemies. Like the comics, the video game Bellboy sends out a variety of special and entirely various adventures. These stories represent themselves, but are all linked to the strange tradition of the Butterfly Home. As a representative of the B.P.R.D. is sent out to your home to a reconnaissance mission, he vanishes. It depends on you-Hellboy-and your group of Bureau representatives to discover your missing colleagues and to ventilate the secrets of the Butterfly Home.


  • Art style: A graphic design that advises of the initial style of the comics and makes sure that every moment of the game appears like this-and also seems like it-as if it were taken directly from the comics.
  • Combats: An unique rogue lite action experience with heavy-weight fights. Combines hard close and ranged attacks to combat a range of increasingly nightmarish enemies.
  • Experience: A story that remains true to the spirit of the comics and integrates several independent stories into a consistent Bellboy experience. Bellboy Web of Word stands for the Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 | 5, Nintendo Change and PC via Steam.