Hogwarts Legacy shows its soundtrack and the result cannot be more magical

Action, music! Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have just releed a beautiful video showing us the soundtrack of Hogwarts Legacy in all its splendor. From the hand of an orchestra and a choir consisting of members of the University of Utah and the Sinfonia de Salt Lake City, both of the state to which Avalanche itself belongs, the video is called Overture to the Unwritten and it is To give the play, close your eyes and let yourself hug and transport through the melody to the land of the famous School of Magic and Sorcery.


Sorry, have we told you that you close your eyes? Almost better, because in addition to stroking our ears and collecting the interpretation of the 54 members of the orchestra, the video also includes some scenes of Hogwarts Legacy himself, allowing a new look at corners of his world that we can explore and visit. They are the ces of Hogshead and the dark forest.

The game and its soundtrack will not reuse the music that John Williams composed for the first three films and that so many years later we still hum, and we are unable to take off from the head. Even so, it is impossible not to appreciate the similarities or think for times that we are again before the Hedwig's Theme and other clsics of the saga. The work is worthy of praise and perfectly collects the essence of the Harry Potter universe.

The best Harry Potter game to date?

Exploration outside the ctle, sorcery clses, magic duels, creation of RPG characters and elements... Hogwarts Legacy seems destined to realize the fanties of every fan of the saga. The game is starring a student who, according to the official synopsis, will embark on a dangerous adventure never told to discover one of the few truths that are hidden in the magical world.

These lt weeks we have known all kinds of novelties and details about the game, the form chosen by the study to unmarked from the controversial traffic comments of JK Rowling. This is none other than an editor without gender choice. We have also been able to do the test that decides our house (Slytherin no, Slytherin no...) and even discovered all spells at our disposal (the clsics lumen, protect, Petrifies Totals and many more). We have even known how Sony will take advantage of its agreement with Warner so that the best version of Hogwarts Legacy is seen in PS5, especially bed on exclusive functions and the relative to Dual sense, its adaptive triggers and the haptic vibration.

Furthermore, we will see if all the promises of Hogwarts Legacy are fulfilled on February 10, 2023, when the game reaches PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.