Vin Diesel in Avatar: The Way of Water?

After 13 years of waiting, the sequel to the success of the science fiction box office of James Cameron of 2009 is here and brings new faces and characters. If you are wondering if Vin Diesel is in Avatar: The Way of Waterside reading.

Are Vin Diesel in Avatar 2?

The answer is no. The rumor began to circulate at the end of 2020 when several sites reported that the Fast & Furious actor would be in the film, but the timeline never materialized since Avatar 2 stopped filming in September 2020 and July 2021, 2021, While promoting Fast & Furious. Diesel said he had been on the Set of Avatar but had not filmed anything.

Of course, this did not prevent reports from circulating and even announced that the actor would take $10 million home for this role. Well, he didn't. James Cameron expanded Avatar's cast in this sequel by bringing actors such as Kate Winslet, Jermaine Clement, Bailey Bass, Jack Champion and more. However, it was not yet the moment of Vin Diesel. The actor confirmed that Cameron and he would be working together, so his appearance in one of the later sequels is perhaps.


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