World Cup 2022: Yassine Bounou: The Adult Hero Who Came From The Bank

Yassine Bound was born in Morocco and is a goalkeeper currently playing for the Moroccan national team. He is 5'6 tall and came to prominence when he made Cristiano Ronaldo cry in the match between Portugal and Morocco.

If they would also beat Favorite France on Wednesday (live, it would be to treat this Bono and these rousing Moroccans! From 8 p.m. with ). By the way, at the 2018 World Cup, Morocco had actually left sang and soundlessly with a counter. Spain and Portugal of all people dominated in the group. Bono was also there at the time. As a replacement goalkeeper.

For a long time he fixed his goal.


Bound scored his counterpart, then a lightning-fast movement forward. It doesn't matter that it was somehow furry. Isaac Bound took a look at the press reporter extremely pleased. Yassine Bound's kid, who is only called Bono everywhere, had made himself comfy throughout an interview on his dad's arm. He incorrectly thought about the pink microphone to be a large ice, on which he licked two times during the interview. To the fantastic amusement of his father. The couple had already offered some photos. The Films with the oversized goalkeeper gloves on the square, the 2 kicked the ball a little. The calm after the storm, in the truest sense of the word.

It was absolutely nothing more than a storm run by the Portuguese in the last stage of this World Cup quarter-finals. A couple of times Ronaldo & Co. were also close to it on 1: 1, however either a few centimeters were missing, or these 192 centimeters of goalkeeper stood in the method. Bono versus João Felix (83. ), Bono against Cristiano Ronaldo (90. +1), in the fifth minute he had maintained his group from João Felix's header from an early deficit. After eight minutes of injury time it was done, and the otherwise so cool Bono was quickly overwhelmed by his feelings. I think it's the very first time that I wept after a video game. Typically, I don't wish to reveal that I am strong. But when you concern the semi-finals of the World Cup, I can't keep the tears, he said. Bono, the adult hero? A gamer who ends up being Man of the Match in the eighth and a quarter-final of a World Cup? He needed to fit the 2-0 against Belgium in 4 missions prior to the only objective of an opponent, not even at a penalty shootout? It is a little miracle that the Scholars born in Canada, which only his own coworker Name Ague rd got rid of in the 2-1 against Canada, would be able to state.

at the launching Champions League final

Bono's profession was not precisely streamlined. For this she started incredible. Who can claim to have debuted in a Champions League final? In the final second leg of the African premier class, his group Dad Casablanca lost 0-1 in front of 65,000 spectators, but Bono still passed his baptism of fire with flying colors. In the 2012 season he relocated to Atlético Madrid-Wohl in Spain to the 2nd team. He was permitted to smell in with the professionals, there was no way to get past leading canines like Thibaut Courts or Jan Black anyway. loaning. In the second year at second department Saragossa, he lost his routine location, switched to 2nd division club Girona in 2016, and was quickly only a second choice. At the current then somebody needs to have told him that six years later he would lead his nation to a World Cup semi-final. What he stated when it was really so far, you now understand: Get me. I think I dream. By the method, Bono is still awakening in Girona. He resisted between the posts and rose with Girona in 2017. He began the new season once again as a reservist, but quickly quenched the recognized newcomer Gorky Traitor back to the second member. Furthermore, he might not prevent the descent in 2019 either. Bono carried on. To FC Seville.

through the replacement bench to a breakthrough

Bono was quickly back there. However, he got preference in the Europa League. The goalkeeper, which was likewise gifted as a footballer, led the Andalusian's to the title 2020. The advancement, which at the tender age of 29. He has actually been a stammering goalkeeper because 2020/21, and this season also triggered a feeling from the field after a corner in Valladolid (1-1) for a sensation (by the method, his Moroccan teammate Youssef En-Nesyri). Last season he was honored as the finest goalkeeper of the Spanish league, and he had actually kept his box clean in 31 missions. In April Seville extended his contract till 2025. Success or not: Bono, that is more modest than the spotlight. After the Spain video game, a Moroccan journalist reported. He had no question that he just wished to thank Bono and coach Valid Regroup. The eulogy lasted 30 seconds, for which the embarrassed Bono in the end visibly stirred and praised with a large smile on the face. However, Morocco is not him, however everyone. The entire group was worthy of the title, he stated after his election as Man of the Match versus Spain. When he got the trophy versus Portugal once again, he offered it to the objective scorer En-Nesyri.

, Bono versus Cristiano Ronaldo (90. +1), in the Fifth minute he had maintained his team from João Felix's header from an early deficit. I think it's the very first time that I wept after a video game. Usually I don't want to reveal that I am strong. When you come to the semi-finals of the World Cup, I can't keep the tears