Andreas Wellinger Wins First World Cup Victory in 33 Years at Lake Placid | SkiSprung World Cup

Andreas Bellinger provided German ski jumpers the winter's very first World Cup success. The 27-year-old jumped 129 and 125.5 meters in Lake Placid on Saturday and won with 264.5 points ahead of the Japanese You Kobayashi, who scored 256.0 points. The Austrian Daniel Tschofenig (255.4) finished third. For Bellinger, who had actually currently won the certification and remained in 5th location after the very first jump, it was the fourth single World Cup triumph of the career and the first podium in a single World Cup considering that November 2018. With a loud Yes!. The Olympic champ celebrated the unanticipated success with a number of injuries from 2018 after a long-suffering. He fell cheerfully and supervisors around his neck. Karl Geiger, who found Bellinger's triumph Mega Cool, became 8th on his 30th birthday and was the second-best German. Markus Eisenbichler also attained a good result a week and a half before the start of the World Championships in Panic in Slovenian with his tenth place. In the 2nd round, the Siegsdorfer still pushed into the leading ten with a jump to 130.0 m from 21st place.

ski dive record from Kobayashi.

Stephan Late (Willie/15th), Philipp Raymond (Oberstdorf/22nd), Constantin Schmidt (Obrador/26.) Rounded off the strong German look. With his dive to 136 meters in the preliminary, Kobayashi established a hill record.

World Cup in Lake Placid, guys, large hill:.

1. Andreas Bellinger (Upholding) 264.5 points (129.0 m/125.5 m);. 2. You Kobayashi (Japan) 256.0 (136.0/ 114.0);. 3. Daniel Tschofenig (Austria) 255.4 (129.0/ 120.0);.


  1. Time AJC (Slovenia) 254.6 (130.0/ 120.0);.
  2. David Back (Poland) 252.9 (119.5/ 126.0);.
  3. Women Press (Slovenia) 252.0 (122.0/ 129.5);.
  4. Favor Tegnér Garnered (Norway) 251.0 (124.5/ 117.0);.
  5. Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) 250.4 (127.5/ 120.5);.
  6. Michael Haycock (Austria) 248.9 (129.0/ 117.0);.
  7. Markus Eisenbichler (Beiersdorf) 243.3 (117.5/ 130.0);... 15. Stephan Late (Willingen) 234.0 (122.0/ 115.5);.
  8. Philipp Raymond (Oberstdorf) 217.7 (116.0/ 115.0);.
  9. Constantin Schmidt (Obrador) 205.6 (113.5/ 110.0). Ski leaping in Lake Placid in a ticker...