Dead by Daylight Funko Pops Cancelled: Behaviour Interactive Confirms Collaboration Is No Longer Happening

Funk Pop enthusiasts can strike Dead by Daytime figures off of their wishlist since the video game's developer, Behavior Interactive, has confirmed that the Funk cooperation is no more happening. The surprise update on the status of the currently inoperative Funk partnership was shared through the video game's Twitter account with Behavior Interactive claiming that points crumbled because of situations beyond the designer's control. The excellent news for Dead by Daytime gamers is that Behavior reassured them that there's still a lot more exciting cooperations on the method, though it's uncertain if that's referring purely to merch or to Behavior's overall tendencies to team up with other properties.

Rarely anything was claimed in between after that and also currently pertaining to the Funk collaboration, though that type of make good sense now that the bargain is dead. No particular Funk Pop figures were pointed out in terms of which personalities would get the Funk therapy, however we'd visualize special choice would certainly've been offered to the Killers. The Trapper, The Huntress, and also other initial personalities looked like prime suspects for Funk Pop numbers.

The two-part declaration about Dead by Daytime's Funk scenario was shared on Twitter with one tweet that confirmed the information as well as an additional that meant points to come.

We are sorry for to notify you that as a result of scenarios beyond our control, our previously revealed Dead by Daytime Funk Pop partnership will sadly not see the light of day, Behavior began on Twitter. We understand that a lot of you were excitedly awaiting their release and also that this news may be unsatisfactory, however don't fret, we have plenty much more exciting collaborations on the means!

For those wondering just how you could've missed out on the information of this collab to begin with, it was introduced back in May 2021 during one of the video game's previous anniversary streams. It was stashed at the end of the stream as a benefit for those that watched the full discussion with Dead by Daytime's head of partnerships Mathieu Côté claiming that Funk Pops were on the means.


No details Funk Pop numbers were mentioned in terms of which characters would obtain the Funk therapy, but we'd think of special preference would certainly've been provided to the Killers.

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Dead by Daytime numbers already exist in some ability through other antiques, so maybe we'll see more of those in the future based on Behavior's tease.


Funk Pop collection agencies can strike Dead by Daytime numbers off of their wishlist currently that the game's programmer, Behavior Interactive, has confirmed that the Funk partnership is no longer happening. The great news for Dead by Daytime players is that Behavior comforted them that there's still more exciting cooperations on the way, though it's vague if that's referring strictly to merch or to Behavior's total propensities to work together with other residential properties.