Experience Wild Hearts with the Newly Published Story Trailer and the Start of EA Play

Throughout the launch of Wild Hearts, a new trailer shows what players can experience in the Hunting Experience. The clip embedded below is devoted to history, introduces numerous locations and likewise reveals some characters. The characters consist of Nature, the blacksmith, and Suburban, the regional scientist. The former helps to enhance and produce devices, while the latter invented new ways to utilize the Karakul. Wild Hearts is officially described as an innovative video gaming experience to welcome hunting fans to deal with the obstacle versus huge animals influenced by the power of nature. It is possible to eliminate alone or with pals in co-op mode. In the course of the video game of Wild Hearts it is important to fight the Kimono that rage in the once thriving Alma. After it was presumed for a long time that no one can oppose their overwhelming power, an individual appeared who has the seeds of hope with their hunting skills. At the same time, it is equipped with fatal weapons and an ancient technology called Karakul.

EA Play-Trial starts today

EA Play members can not only purchase Wild Hearts 10 percent less expensive and pay just 71.99 instead of 79.99 euros for the standard variation in the PlayStation Shop.

Thanks to the 10-hour trial stage, you can likewise get a taste of the video game from today. Wild Hearts is also published as an extended Karakul Edition.


It costs 99.99 euros in the PlayStation Store and, in addition to the material of the Standard Edition, consists of 2 complete armor sets, a Tsunami lantern and three Emotes. EA Play subscribers can likewise conserve ten percent with this version. Gamers who wish to come into the possession of the Disk variation of Wild Hearts will find it, to name a few things, at Amazon, where 79.99 euros are likewise due for the standard variation. Further, reports on Wild Hearts: Graphic modes, offline gameplay and other details about the monster hunt New trailer reveals Amaterasu, the Death stalker and more Wild Hearts will be released on February 17, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. More about the video game is summarized in our topic overview. By packing the video you accept the data protection statement from YouTube. Find out more Load video Constantly unlock YouTube Additional reports on Wild Hearts.