Hogwarts Legacy: Our Impressions After 25% Of The Game - A Magical Adventure Awaits

We can finally tell you that we have tried Hogwarts Legacy, and with him several impressions that we would like to Get in great details of the adventures ahead. Hogwarts Legacy takes virtually minimal detail that a magician needs, from the letter (that we will receive as students who enter school) to the different elements that can form this enclave. In addition, and as any title, a power start is asked, to start hooking the player, and Hogwarts Legacy gets it in his first kinematics. In addition, these kinematics are very well illustrated, and they are the best that the game has, either with transitions from day to night, with some images of the classes or at the house selection ceremony, which we also talk about in another Item in case you want to take an eye, and we will put you linked here.

An infinity of possibilities and their strengths

This is also another positive points that the game has, and there is an infinity of possibilities and decisions that you can make within the game. From being a good heart, to the most negligible being, although for the moment, and carried 25% of the past game, we have not yet unlocked any of the unforgivable curses. This countless possibilities offer us to explore corners that we did not know with some accuracy of the game and towns beyond the castle walls without Hogsmeade. In addition, within the castle itself you can cross unique and iconic corners of the saga such as the forbidden section, the passage of the Witch twist, the forbidden forest or kitchens. In addition, we recommend you to make secondary missions, since you can see and observe corners that you did not know so far or that are not shown with so much emphasis on the movies. That, and if you want to beat in many duels with the elves, are some of the best ways to improve in this facet and end your opponents.


With all this detailed and the infinity of possibilities, we must also give a special role to the Men.

Negative points of the game

Not the whole game is perfect, so we are also going to tell several of the negative aspects that Hogwarts Legacy has. In the first place, and as several media already counted, sometimes the textures do not come completely optimized, although it is true that the game modifies them quickly so that we can enjoy all the ins and outs of the castle. In some secondary missions, some dialogues between our protagonist and the Hogwarts student we want to help have been overlapping. In addition, we found a bug in the mission in which you visit Sebastian's sister in which he did not stop running in circles, and we had to leave the limits to reset. Finally, and this is already a Fan Service, it is a shame that in Spanish they have not had the voice of Ángel Amorous as almost decapitated Nick, one of the few characters that are part of both stories. It is true that we do not know if it has been for theme contracts or because it has not wanted to be part of the project, but it would have been a good wink for the fans of the game. Despite these points, Hogwarts Legacy is a game that as a fan of the saga will love. Simply by being able to wander through the corridors of the school, travel iconic areas and some passages or be able to fly with your broom (although for this you will need to have thrown a few hours first to the game), they will make it worthwhile.

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