How To Unlock The Berliner Assault Rifle In Call of Duty: Warzone

Open weapons and have access to the finest Devices Call of Task: Modern Warfare, and this equates into the Fight Royale video game of the game, War zone. For those looking to include a brand name new assault rifle to your devices, you can buy the Berliner attack rifle. You can get by finishing the first difficulty for War zone before the weather streams. You must complete 10 obstacles prior to you can unlock the Berliner attack rifle. Each obstacle is accompanied by a series of awards. The final goal of the challenge provides you access to the weapon. Ping An Enemy call card: 750 XP and clashing blades.


  • Ping an object on the ground: 750 XP and pet dog spray downwards
  • Ping Risk in the world: 750 XP and Spray AMMO
  • Recuperate a weapon in 1 various match: 1000 XP and China Lake call card
  • Recuperate your load 1 time: 1250 XP and albino ape emblem
  • Recuperate 15 heaps of silver on the flooring: 1,250 XP and divert this jet
  • Endure 1 second in the gas field: 1500 XP and Riptide call card
  • Pilot a vehicle for 5 minutes: 1750 XP and serpentine emblem
  • Open 10 covers: 2000 XP and Spray Back Scratch
  • Usage 6 armor plates: 2500 XP and Berliner Attack Rifle These obstacles are meant to familiarize you with the new game. A number of these objectives describe how to execute a ping order, what time you want to make a ping order and ensure you supply the best details based upon your team. You can make sure that the mission you wish to start is available in the war-zone objectives, and this ought to be the very first choice called Boot Camp! You can stop playing this difficulty at any time, but if you don't have Bootcamp! Active, you can not work on his progress.