Tips for New Yu-Gi-Oh! Players: An Introduction to the Classic TCG Game

As one of the TCG titles of the old guard, Yu-Gi-Oh! It is a game that many people at least have ever tried. Whether they were attracted to anime in the past or were absorbed by titles such as Duel Links, new players try to enter the main game quite frequently using platforms such as Douro or Dueling Book.

It is not surprising if they then bounce, because Yu-Gi-Oh has a brick wall for a learning curve. Despite this, Duel Masters quickly turned into the greatest launch of a modern title of the series, and has attracted new and old players to the game. There are not too many obvious places to start learning, and the tutorials in the game are not the most surprising to teach the complexities of the game.


For those who want to enter Master Duel from scratch, here are some things they should consider. Updated on February 12, 2023, by Rain Began: in the time elapsed since Master Duel was published (and this article), it has not become less complicated. However, it has remained in the first place for the modern Yu-Gi-Oh! Titles, even with the most recent launch of Cross Duel. Since this article was published, Master Duel has also received mobile support, making it more accessible than ever. Master Duel is still receiving updates, and does not seem likely to stop being compatible in the short term. While it is a different game with a different goal from the original TCG, it is also the most...