VfB Stuttgart Descent Looms as Loss of Three Defenders Threatens: Constantinos Mavropanos, Borna Sosa, and Hiroki Ito

An overall of over 40 million euros were offered for the three defenders in winter transfer home window. Nottingham Forest wished to invest over 20 million euros in Madroños. Leverkusen as well as Wolfsburg prepared to pay out ten for Sosa or ITO. The CFB was leaning on every one of the CFB. The risk of relegation did not desire to further increase it easily, particularly considering that all three fixed sizes were and also are in the gamers of instructor Bruno Lambada.

protective trio continues to be light on Schalke

The hope that the triad in the Stuttgart 4 chain would certainly ensure the needed, constant stability has even more as well as much less met. Sosa, Madroños as well as ITO stayed in the loss on Schalke, like mostly all CFB professionals under normal type. The Croatian looked poor in both objectives, just let Dominick Dealer dupe at the 0: 2 in his 0: 1 and also after that Rodrigo Salazar. He was at the very least hazardous ahead as well as effective with his connection goal.


His Greek companion was relocated by Marius Butler with a hit gateway in a Brazilian way and likewise made over-motivated and also hair-raising thoughtlessly in the midfield, which invited the hosts to respond to. The Japanese, according to the trainer, lastly missed the required nerve in the building video game, his feared diagonal balls and also assistance for the colleagues.

Lambada's criticism of the whole group

We missed the first round, Lambada charges his team throughout the financial institution. We lacked the essential consequence that we would require. We were not good as a collective. The 57-year-old experiences poor commitment. Especially in the runner area. The will, often long, arduous, occasionally excruciating ways to go. Much was missing. The trigger for counterpressing, returning, nerve. We are dissatisfied, as we played in the initial half. Schalke offered himself as we expected: with numerous long rounds, many 2nd balls. We put as well little stress on the sphere leaders at the front. Furthermore, economical goals yielded. It was as well very easy since we only reacted as opposed to acting.

increase in performance after the break

Wait goes, his group showed after the half-time break, in which, according to goalkeeper Fabian Bred low from the primary coach, there was appropriately an injection. Naturally we were not satisfied, explains Lambada, for whom it normally belongs, shocking the group.

After that, it was unsuccessful again what would certainly have been possible. A minimum of a draw, which would certainly have been not pleased. But at the very least we would have maintained Schalke at a range. So the narrows are transferred to the non-relegation locations and also CFB. One more challenger with which you need to say for 15th area.