Vi-de Juegos: WitchSpring R

Withering R. Develop: Kiwi walks // Pubic: Kiwi walks Launch: soon Published on mobile platforms in 2015, Withering is an RPG in which we can explore a magical world over 100 days. The protagonist is a girl-bruja-dose who lives in an isolated forest, usually besieged by crown soldiers. That is why, in addition to traveling and meeting all kinds of people through unique events, Pie berry will also have to improve their magical skills and train their physical strength if you want to protect your pets and everything you know. Withering R is a remake of the original Witch spring that not only intends to take adventure to consoles but also maintain maximum loyalty. Unlike the remake of the third installment, released last year, this R version will only add a few additional events, working in depth the graphic section. Thus, the original 9 finals are maintained, the post-game we find behind the two good conclusions and all the characters and events present in 2015. New animations have also been added for the activities we carry out inside the house (previously works almost exclusively from the menu) and more illustrations to accompany Pie berry dialogues. Throughout two hours, the Withering R demo lets us try all the basic elements of the game. Briefly through collection and craft, we quickly focus on the two types of confrontation: free shot and spin fight. The first option, which we can use against small enemies that we find randomly on stage, allows us to point with our staff and shoot a ray capable of totally defeating them. The spin fight, evidently much deeper, allows us to use brute magic and strength to defeat groups of soldiers concentrated on stage or any type of enemy in different dungeons. Since the gameplay center in the Withering saga is in the improvement of all types of statistics, combat is wide enough to let us almost instantly notice any improvement we make in our character. If we bet on force and speed we will be rewarded with a lot of reactive attacks and extra shifts, while if we focus on strengthening resistance and magic we can unlock very interesting combos.

To improve on Pie berry, the game allows us to create a routine with different types of training that we can put into practice automatic or through mini-games that will always give us some kind of extra. Of course, our cauldron will also be essential when altering our statistics, as long as we find the necessary recipes to develop all our potential. The doubt that the wonderful demo dumping leaves is whether from Kiwi walks they have attended the most widespread criticism of the original game. Although the passage of time is one of the keys throughout the witch spring saga, the first title did not let us know how many days they spent during our adventure, forcing us to return home to consult the calendar. Beyond that, Withering R is a solid and original RPG whose graphic improvements make you feel totally current.


Scheduled for the beginning of this year, it will be the perfect excuse to know a saga that is already a phenomenon in Korea.