Week 4 Sales Charts For France: Fire Emblem Tumbles, Forspoken and Dead Space Remake Take The Lead

If we remain on the leading 3 of PC games, we observe a report of Battlefield 2042 which takes the lead in the ranking, unquestionably thanks to the recent updates which enhances the experience a little more. On the other hand, Farming Simulator 22 does not flinch and clings to its olden second location, while Minecraft Java & Bedrock makes a smashing return by settling in 3rd location.

Charts France Week 4 (January 23 to 29, 2023). 1/ For spoken (Ps5-Square Unix). 2/ Dead Space Remake (PS5-Electronic Arts).

3/ God of War Ragnarök (Ps5-Sony Interactive Home Entertainment).


4/ Gran Tourism 7 (Ps5-Sony Interactive Home Entertainment). 5/ Fire Emblem works with (Switch-Nintendo). TOP 3 PC. 1/ Battlefield 2042 (Electronic Arts). 2/ Farming Simulator 22 (Giants Software Application). 3/ Minecraft Java & Bedrock (Microsoft).

Every Monday, the saddle pleases us with the very best sales that have been taped in past weeks, shift in numbers. Today, we take a look at the outcomes of week 4, particularly those that were recorded in between January 23 and 29, 2023. And versus all odds, it is the For spoken game of Square Enix which takes the head of This top 5, in spite of the extremely lukewarm welcome from the press and the gamers, who discovered the generic video game, not fascinating and a little annoying too. Just behind, Dead Area Remake is placing himself in 2nd place, he who has actually been so well sold as The Callisto Protocol on the British market. Rates, on the other hand, has nothing to fear, it is maintained in an excellent place, 3rd today, and continues to establish itself as a long seller on PS5. Another title of the PlayStation's Studios likewise proves that it seduces French players, it is Gran Tourism 7 who ranks in fourth position, ahead of Fire Emblem employs who made a good fall compared to the previous week when he was Leading 1.