Microsoft Undertakes to Bring Best Version of Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch - Phil Spencer

Last week it was an event for the video game industry, since a 10-year treatment has been confirmed in which Microsoft promises to carry the Call of Duty saga to Nintendo Switch when the purchase of Activision Blizzard is completed. And while some are excited, there is doubt about whether it will be a reduced version of these titles. According to what is commented, Microsoft's goal is to offer the best possible version of the game possible on each platform, it would be the same experience in terms of content, similar to games like Minecraft. So, switch users can expect both the main campaign, and the multiplayer with constant updates.

This is what Phil Spencer comments on this:

We hope to achieve a certain level of quality in all those games... so that is our goal, and the same on PC and the same in Nintendo. So when we say available everywhere or not exclusive, you want to do absolutely the best version of Call of Duty on any of those platforms.


It is not a skin in a weapon, it is in a certain way of the game, the same version will be available on all platforms. If you are a Minecraft player in PlayStation, they have the minor version... we want to make sure that these players feel they have a great experience on the platform where they choose to play. For now, the treatment that wants to close with Activision Blizzard is a bit far from completing. Via: Nintendo Life Editor's note: Although I feel that it is very good by Microsoft, it is very hurried that things are promised in advance, especially when there is still nothing clear about the agreement. We will see in a few months if all this has an answer.